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I think these stickers will mean a bit more to me than other work I do in the future. I started sketching them from being inspired by Japanese shops I visited back in April. Then they were finished here, in Canada, with some texture help from a past illustration I never nailed down. Now I think I’m off to go spend too much money on a digivice :D

Patamon and T.K were always my favs from season 1

You guys, you guys, wait!




Could it be, could it be?  Could my dearly held theory of Sitwell as triple agent be true?  Or is Max Hernandez just mercilessly playing with our affections?


Some other interesting things: Sitwell tries to warn Coulson about the plan that leads to Blake getting seriously injured and the fake-Clairvoyant killed. Garrett insults Sitwell’s abilities as a field agent (no love lost there). The Lemurian Star with its systems is already on its way before Sitwell is urgently assigned there, right before it gets hijacked (and he’s perfectly cool there even when increasingly twitchy mercenaries threaten to kill everybody). And when Senator Stern hugs him with a hail hydra - Sitwell keeps quiet and looks like he’d rather hug a snake. So… if Marvel wants to make the triple agent thing canon, they certainly can! (I’m holding on to my headcanon on that Sitwell is a) alive and b) on the side of good, because fuck the bullshit.))

Still think Sitwell is evil?


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